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The needle without the hay

Our focus is land registered by the landowner or their agent - land that is ready to develop. Use our market-leading data to appraise registered land or your own "off-market" targets.

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Search, manage, share and collaborate

Identify, appraise, share and discuss. Coordinate your pipeline targets and your offers whilst keeping your broader conversations in one, convenient dashboard.

Filters and datalayers pinpoint your next development opportunity

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Manage your disposals & acquisitions on our agile Dashboard.

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Keep your colleagues informed by sharing opportunities

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Introduce architects, builders and others to discuss and appraise

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A pipeline of opportunity, UK wide

Our search map is burgeoning with land owned by landowner's that have made a conscious decision to explore the marketplace. Direct access to the source is what differentiates us from the market. Use our data to search and target your own "off-market" sites too.

Built by one of you

Our goal is to improve value outcomes across all sectors of our industry. Greater digitalisation leads to greater efficiency, sustainability and social impact, resulting in maximised growth.

4 steps to development

1 Developer Profile

Tell us about your business: policies, case studies, areas of expertise.

2 Hone your pipeline

Target sites with our data, express interest, negotiate deals.

3 BOOM! Appraisal

Submit offers, secure finance and engage with the AEC community

4 Bring to market

Design with the community and the homebuyer and sell through the platform.

Promote your goals and your experience

Promote your goals and your experience

Your Developer Profile provides a landowner with valuable insight into your business and areas of expertise. It's a powerful piece of marketing.

Market-leading data

Our comprehensive market data helps deliver the insights you need to make the right decision.

Enhance your efficiency

Enhance your efficiency

A cornerstone of the platform's architecture is networking and cooperation. Invite colleagues and consultants to support your decision making. Engage with contractors and suppliers to build-up your offers and costs. In the future you'll engage with homebuyers and the community to design developments they want to buy into and support.

We see ourselves bound to the deal rather than any particular interested party. The deal should work well for all parties, including the community.

Pending introduction of our next phase of services this will remain slightly difficult to determine - however if it is registered there is interest. Feel free to ask a question regarding a specific Opportunity at deals@boom.online - we will contact the landowner and come back to you.
We are committed to supporting existing and new-entrant SME developers in the marketplace in a bid to tackle issues of supply, affordability, quality and innovation by providing a broad range of cutting-edge digital services designed to improve planning & design, safety, quality, efficiency, reporting, decision making and sales that future-proof growth and expansion. We are working on this suite of services at the moment.
At the time of writing approximately 100 Opportunity's are registered. Granted the majority are 3rd party registrations we have permission to include but we consider it a strong start that is well ahead of initial targets. Our platform revolutionises the approach to property development so will naturally take time to gain a foothold. We will continue to update our developer base of new Opportunity's.

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