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Cookies Policy

We utilise cookies in order to optimise the website and offer the best user experience possible.

Cookies on the website

When you use BOOM!’s website, we don’t register any information that can identify you as a human, we're not interested in that. We are however interested in how you are using the site, this allows us to make informed decisions and offer you the best user experience. The information we track is 100% anonymous, and we only use it to improve the sites content and functionalities. We receive the information with the help of a file called a cookie.

BOOM! will create a single cookie once you agree. This cookie will be transferred on each request back to our servers so that a user journey map can be created. From this map we are able to make informed decisions as to where we should focus of development efforts.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that is sent to your browser from our website and saved on your computer, phone or whichever device you use to access the internet. Cookies have many uses, but basically, they are used to save information about your activity on the internet. At BOOM! we only make use of persistent cookies which is simply a cookie that will last across multiple browser sessions.

How do we use cookies?

When you visit BOOM!'s website for the first time, you will be asked to accept the use of cookies. We encourage you to accept the cookies our website uses, because it will help us improve your first visit and any subsequent visits. If you decline the use of cookies, there will be a variety of functionalities on the website which you cannot utilise.

How long are cookies stored?

Cookie lifetimes vary from site to site but at BOOM! we will keep a cookie, our only cookie until you clear it from your browser.

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