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Unlock underutilised land

Bring your underutilised land to market quickly and free of charge. Connect with property developers, traders of biodiversity and carbon credits, green infrastructure providers and families looking to build their dream home.

Your land, your values, your legacy

Registering your land and defining your goals is easy when using our technology. Influence architecture, drive sustainability, support community inclusion or underpin social progress to name a few. Done right, development is not a dirty word.

No complex pricing plan

No complex pricing plan

We offer a single pricing plan: FREE. The developer settles our fee when a deal is done.

Explore your options

Register your land or assemble it with your neighbours for property development, explore rewilding and reforestation for commercial trading or partnerships with green energy providers; we are ready to support you.

Informed decisions empowered by data and value

Informed decisions empowered by data and value

Our tools and data help you determine a multitude of schemes and their capacities, to establish what value mean to you and to understand how the market proposes to deliver it. We are here to ensure you achieve value.

No experience, no problem

You can self-manage your deals, but why bother when you can appoint a BOOM! Agent to procure and negotiate deals on your behalf and at no direct cost.

Know your developer

Know your developer

Our members complete a Developer Profile that helps gauge the nature of their practice, allowing the team to determine whether they're the right fit for you, your community and your development goals.

How it works

1 Register your land

Map the boundary of the land and define your development goals.

2 Set your Development Profile

Influence the type of development brought to market.

3 Negotiate a deal

Strike a deal that suits: unconditional, subject to planning or joint venture.

Absolutely. We encourage you to speak to your neighbours about a larger opportunity as this will likely yield larger returns whilst improving your prospects of a successful planning application. Simply map the agreed combined area, post images, define your goals and let the market respond and show you and your neighbours what is possible. Our Ott Yard case study is one such example.

We are passionate about generating you a return from land that might otherwise be underused. Whether you use the return to significantly bolster a pension fund, add a new extension, embark on that round-the-world trip or qualify as the ’Bank of Mum & Dad’ to help your kids get on the property ladder, it will be up to you. You will also be adding housing stock to combat the housing shortage in the process.

Of course! We offer a neutral service here to assist all parties in brokering a deal and establishing fair value of the residual land. We also answer any questions and are available to provide general advice. We are working on more case studies and educational tools, which are an integral element of BOOM!.

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