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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some key developer questions to help you get started.

We see ourselves bound to the deal rather than any particular interested party. The deal should work well for all parties, including the community.

We use a colour-coded, three-tier system to determine the landowner's interest in a deal: fully committed to a deal; interested in a deal; exploring options. Our search functionality allows you to target a particular interest level. Feel free to ask questions regarding a specific Opportunity at deals@boom.online - we will contact the landowner and come back to you.

We are committed to supporting existing and new-entrant SME developers in a bid to tackle issues of supply, affordability, quality and innovation by providing a broad range of development best practice services and cutting-edge digital tools designed to increase development yield. We are currently working on partners to bring the digital tools to you; the remaining best practice services are available now. Please make your enquiries through hello@boom.online or call us.

A broad range of digital tools including visualisation services, BIM protocols enabling modelling, measurement, buildability & clash detection, project & commercial management tools, area-specific design advice & analysis, the list goes on. Other services will focus on contracting tools and processes designed to improve partnering and joint venture outcomes.

BOOM! is an early stage, recently launched Proptech company. At this stage our focus is finding Opportunity's and attracting seed funding needed to grow. In saying that the next phase has begun, and involves review and analysis of the tools we may incorporate into our suite. We hope to begin introducing these within 12 months. In the interim we will remain a pipeline source of sites.

At the time of writing approximately 100 Opportunity's are registered. Granted the majority are 3rd party registrations we have permission to include but we consider it a strong start that is well ahead of initial targets. Our platform revolutionises the approach to property development so will naturally take time to gain a foothold. We will continue to update our developer base of new Opportunity's.

Of course we can - we’ve spent many hours completing qualification questionnaires and surveys; we consider ourselves well placed to help.

Initially we developed BOOM! with individual landowners solely in mind, however we quickly realised land agents were interested in utilising it too, so we’ve introduced features supporting their needs.

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