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Digitalisation is not a choice, it's a must!

It's beyond doubt that the adoption of digital tools and products improve the full spectrum of project metric outcomes. Improve your bottom line through improving your positive impact on the community and the environment.

Leverage virtual worlds and artificial intelligence

Leverage virtual worlds and artificial intelligence

Within a few short hours run '000s of iterations to optimise a jelly-mould of the scale and massing of a building to accurately determine site potential. Coordinate the data with BOOM! Appraisal to determine GDV and build cost before sharing a transparent vision of the proposal with the landowner. Greater clarity will deliver your pipeline.

Maximise planning success

Adopt tools to engage with the community and prospective homebuyers to develop proposals that secure their vital support. Turn the planning consent process into a fact-checking exercise not a political one.

Connect with your AEC colleagues

Connect with your AEC colleagues

Introduce trade contractors and consultants into Appraisal discussions to build partnerships when preparing budgets. Seek JV partners, call tenders, discuss safety matters and best practice through the Tender Board - up-skill and grow together.

Cut-out the middle person

Our sales and marketing team will combine cutting-edge VR with early-stage stakeholder engagement to cut fees and reduce waste, helping improve the bottom line for the benefit of all.

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